About Shafak

Who we are?

Shafak was founded during the early months of the Syrian Crisis in 2011, and by 2013 it was officially established as a formal NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). At its core, Shafak is a grassroots NGO that was formed by Syrians for Syrians, with the intent of addressing the needs of their life with dignity, equality and humanity with a focus on sustainability and autonomy.
Shafak is an impartial, independent, non-profit NGO that exists for the express purpose of providing humanitarian services to vulnerable people regardless of political or religious affiliations and on the long run to contribute to recover and rebuild the society on freedom, justice and equality basis.

What we will do?

Shafak is working to assist vulnerable, particularly those wounded, suffering, and displaced Syrian Civilians, in order to ensure that they have necessary resources to sustain themselves with due dignity in the best way.

Therefore Shafak will take all necessary steps and measures toward supporting the resilience of people and enabling communities to address their health and socioeconomic needs with an emphasis on sustainability and self-determination.
SHAFAK’S vision is to build a strong society without poverty, strong socially and economically, do the best to make it self-reliant and aware of the importance of alleviating the suffering of the people affected by the crisis in Syria.

Our Goal
To help the patients, injured, wounded, displaced, distressed, needy, neglected and vulnerable people in Syria socially and economically by providing them necessary assistance for sustaining their lives and conditions specially the women and children as well.

More About Us

Shafak headquarters is currently based in Turkey, with additional branch offices in Amman, Jordan and various Governates inside of Syria.
Under direction from upper management, each country director works alongside his or her team in order to engage with relevant local and international partners and implement projects that are within Shafak capacity.
With the Syrian conflict showing few signs of abating in the near future, it is clear that Shafak must expand its outreach as the number of refugees and displaced persons continues to grow. In response, Shafak seeks to continue building sustainable programs in both Syria and the regional countries affected by the crisis. With an additional Branch office currently under development in Lebanon, Shafak hopes to further expand its capacity to address the needs of disenfranchised Syrians.

Bank Accounts

Donation in US Dollar (USD)
Account Num : 721515825002
Account branch : Değirmiçem Şubesi
Branch code : 1904
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